I started this journey about 10 years ago in a college photography class taking photographs of nature, buildings, and strangers, and then developing film in a darkroom. After learning the ins and outs of photography, I knew I wanted to pick it back up in the future.

About 4 years ago I did just that and never looked back! It brings me so much happiness, I know this is something I'm meant to do. I really enjoy meeting new people and developing relationships that last. My absolute favorite thing to photograph is love - I specialize in couples photography, but I do enjoy capturing all other types of love just as much!

I'm Caroline, a portrait and lifestyle photographer - born, raised, and based in Buffalo, NY.

About me


When I'm not working, you can find me being a mom to my sweet and sassy 7 year old daughter- Aryana, catching up with some friends at a local coffee shop, singing and dancing the night away at a concert, or binge watching my favorite tv shows. Although I'm based in Buffalo, I'm always up for traveling! I frequently visit the Adirondacks every year with some friends, so it's starting to feel like a second home to me. Some places I've been dying to travel to include California, Hawaii, Oregon, The Caribbean, Italy, Greece, and Ireland!

I long for football Sundays and watching the Buffalo Bills with a cold beer and chicken wings in hand
(Bar-Bill will always be #1 in my heart.)

A goal of mine for 2023 is to photograph a destination wedding or elopement! Whether it’s west coast, somewhere south, or out of the country...I’m there!

Like a true Buffalonian...

My faves...

The Office

New Girl



Sex and the City

My FAVE TV Shows

Fattey Beer Co


Wine on Hertel

Hamburg Brewing Co.

My FAVE places to grab a drink in buffalo

Lucky Day

Swan Street Diner

Jay's Artisan Pizza


Bar Bill Tavern


My FAVE places to eat in buffalo

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